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We are an Australian owned and family operated business. Initially we began using both the Horny Goat Weed & Tribulus supplements to improve our own athletic performance - both in the gym & the bedroom alike. But when we began to experience powerful results with both of these herbs, we promptly moved into developing both of these products further, as the benefits experienced were so compelling that we felt obliged to improve upon them even further & make them available to others.

As a family unit we were very impressed with the powerful muscle enhancing & libido boosting effects of these basic herbs - so much so in fact that the next step was to optimize both products as much as possible & manufacture the best example of these products for the public.

Please Note:

### A tribulus based formulation WILL NOT PROVIDE RESULTS if there are at least 20 - 30% Furostanal Saponins (Protodioscine). Our formulation contains 55% Proodioscine levels (many suppliers of this product will use only 5 - 10%, which is why results are so poor.)

### A Horny Goat Weed formulation WILL NOT PROVIDE RESULTS if there is not at least 15% Icarrin levels within the base herb. Our formulation contains 30% of Icarrin (again, many manufacturers will use a base of between 2  - 5%, which is why certain brands work so poorly.)

Both of our products are made with the purest and most potent grade raw materials, along with the finest exipients and cofactors. We only source from suppliers who hold the highest level of ACS certification or equivelent.

Being sourced from an HACCP Certified and GMP certified company, you can rest assured that the strictest levels of quality are guaranteed.

 Please feel free to leave your experiences, testimonials and musings about these amazingly powerful products - we would love to hear your experiences!

Note: All emails are addressed within a time span of 24 hours - usually earlier. Have no hesitation to contact us with any query or question that you may have regarding both the Tribulus & Horny Goat Weed products and subsequent usage -and for any other related health problem for that matter!

      To good health, Improved Libido & a More Muscular Physique!

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"as now I
can become arroused
much more easily, &
also maintain an
errection for longer
periods of time aslo.
I did notice that it
took a good week or
there abouts to
really kick in - but
once it did things
began to happen! I
also have more energy
than I did before -
which is a bonus as
the type of work that
I do usually demands
alot of energy!
Thanks guys!...



"I have been using your
Bulgarian product,
so far so good - I
have put on 2 kg of
muscle in the last 5
weeks! The strength
has also gone up as
well - for me this is
just as important as
the extra size, as I
powerlift as well. I
do know that if I want
the really serious
muscle then I will
have to move into the
different anabolics &
so forth - but at this
stage things are going
well enough as it is..."



"I am a woman who is in
her mid 40's who has
become less & less
interested in sex. Its
not that I do not think
about it - rather that
my body just does not
respond any longer!
Well, since I have
been using your Horny
Goat Weed formulation,
I have been noticing my
old levels of hornyness
begin to creep in -
Hurray!! I will continue
to use the product & keep
you posted..."